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Small Changes, Big Difference

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - January 25, 2022

Simply said, becoming green refers to all facets of ecologically friendly items, from fashion to architecture to the entire movement. The term “eco-friendly” refers to a product, practice, or action that is not harmful to the environment. What we undertake now must not drain resources for future generations to be sustainable.

Eco-friendly tiffin Malaysia

The easiest way to go green is to follow the 3Rs. What is 3Rs? Well, It’s Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. 

  1. Reduce 

Trash reduction, also referred to as source reduction, utilizes less material and energy to reduce waste output and protect natural resources. Waste reduction includes methods to keep materials from becoming waste before they reach the recycling stage, which is more prominent in scope than recycling. Reusing items such as plastic and glass containers, purchasing more durable products like eco-friendly tiffin Malaysia, and using reusable products such as dishrags instead of paper towels are all ways to reduce waste. Donating items ranging from office equipment to eyeglasses and apparel minimizes the overall quantity created. Purchasing that uses biodegradable chemicals instead of toxic materials decreases pollution and waste. In general, trash reduction has several environmental advantages.

  1. Recycle 

Recycling collects and processes items that would otherwise be discarded as waste to create new goods. As a result, recycling has the potential to help both your community and the environment. There are only a few types of materials that can be recycled. For example, iron and steel waste, aluminum cans, glass bottles, paper, wood, and plastics are all common recyclable commodities. In addition, recycled materials can replace raw materials derived from increasingly limited natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, coal, mineral ores, and trees. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water contamination while also saving electricity. Using recycled materials reduces the amount of solid trash produced. Recycling helps to lessen pollution generated by virgin material extraction and processing.

  1. Reuse

Reusing is the process of finding a new purpose for old objects that would otherwise be discarded. Other individuals may be able to repurpose some materials. For example, computers and parts in good working order may sometimes be given to community centers or philanthropic groups. Reuse is a practical, ecologically preferable option to conventional waste management approaches. It lowers air, water, and land pollution and decreases the demand for natural resources such as lumber, petroleum, textiles, and other materials.

Other than these 3, you could also make small changes.

  • Here are a few examples:
  • using menstrual cups
  • using bar soaps and shampoos instead of bottles
  • using metal straws
  • bringing your shopping bags to reduce plastic bags,
  • reduce buying bottled water, bringing it from home. 
Eco-friendly tiffin Malaysia

To summarise, recycling, reducing, and reusing are all methods for minimizing pollution. However, minimizing non-biodegradable garbage is one approach that might reduce pollution. So let us all reconsider how we handle commodities and think about how we might reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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