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It’s Picnic Packing Time!

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - September 9, 2021

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I love going to picnics, especially on nice and windy days. It makes me feel calm and releases my working stress bit by bit and gives me better mental and emotional health which helps to improve the efficiency of my working style. Usually, I enjoy having a picnic at the beach or a kite park because those are the places that you can enjoy watching people playing around which makes it very happening. If you prefer to have a silent and calming picnic, find some places that have a lot of shady trees and also spacious fields.

Anyway, since we are now currently in the midst of a pandemic which requires us to be socially distant from strangers, give it a go if you have a yard or even a driveway. The air will be crisp, the sky will be clear, and the sandwiches and salads will taste better than ever. It is better than having brunch or tea time inside the house, on the dining table.

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Here are some things that you need to have and bring if you want to go picnic somewhere far away (might be useful even if you want to do it at your yard because at least you can feel the picnic vibes):

Pick the best basket

This might be something that is seen as unimportant but using the right basket gives you the best picnic experience. Trust me because you might want to use it as a prop that makes your picnic look alive. Find a basket that is big enough to fit all your food and cutlery if you don’t want to bring too many things on your hand. If you want to bring two baskets are also okay but make sure it is not too small and not too big.

Bring a suitable blanket

If you go to the stores or try to find them online, you can see that there are actually various types, designs and sizes for picnics. Some have detailed lace at the edges, come have checkered designs and there are also coloured plain blankets. You can choose any picnic blankets that you find cute and picture-worthy.

Prepare food

The types of food you are going to bring must be suitable with the theme that you have already decided with everyone. If you want to have a picnic during breakfast, bring sandwiches and fruits. For brunch, bring something that is more filling such as sushi, cakes and mini burgers. For tea time, you can bring various desserts and also bring tea and cute cups. If you prefer to eat nuggets, French fries or sausages, you can buy it from frozen food online Malaysia so you can just fry it before you go.  

Things to pack in the basket

·       Wet wipes for cleaning your hands afterwards.

·       Trash bags so you can keep your trash at one place and for an easier cleaning process later on.

·       Cutleries such as spoons, forks, knives and serving spoons to make it easier for you to eat.

·       Tray to have better plating for dry foods such as sandwiches and cupcakes

Those are the basic essentials that you can bring along in your basket and you can always add any items that you would like to have. 

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