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Some Baby Bath Essentials

Blog - Alicia Porter - April 1, 2022

Babies need to be clean, all the time. They have just emerged from their mother’s womb, so they are still susceptible to the dangers and risks the outside world presents. Their immune systems are still developing, with the help of their mother’s breast milk. Other than that, mess and dirt attract unwanted issues for babies, particularly at the first few months of their lives. 

gentle body wash for babies Malaysia

Cleaning babies is not as easy as it seems. They tend to make huge and smelly messes that can stink up the whole room. So, if you are a parent who will be dealing with this soon, all the best to you and your nose. It is worth it at the end of the day, to see them happy and joyous.

Maintaining hygiene for newborns is easy, because they don’t move much. The same cannot be said for those same newborns after a couple of months. They start getting physically active. These babies start moving their arms, kicking their legs and flipping over onto their bellies. So, when it comes to cleaning them and their messes, it might prove to be hard. Especially if you are bathing them. Here are three essentials you can use to make things easier. 

Gentle body wash

When you want to bathe them, you need some gentle body wash to go with it. The body wash cleans any messes and dirt found on your child’s body. Plus, it is gentle to the skin. Some babies have delicate skin, so this would be perfect for them. Other than that, these body washes do not have harmful ingredients and chemicals in them that could affect the baby in any way. Especially since you are dunking them in a bath, where their intimates are also exposed. So, the body wash is gentle to the skin and other sensitive parts of the body. Get a gentle body wash for babies Malaysia here.

gentle body wash for babies Malaysia

Baby bath toys

Next, you need some baby bath toys. If you have an active baby, they will not sit still. Babies love the water because it reminds them of the conditions in the womb. So, they tend to play with it by splashing it all over the place. If you intend on cleaning them conveniently and quickly, you need to introduce baby bath toys to them. This can keep them busy while you shampoo and conditioner their hair. Also, at this stage, they are in their developmental period. They need access to toys that will excite and challenge them. 

Baby shampoo and conditioner 

You will also need some baby shampoo and conditioner. You should not use shampoos and conditioners meant for adults. They contain harsh chemicals meant for grown and aging hair. Babies have hair that is still new and growing at its root. You need shampoos and conditioners that will encourage that growth of their hair, while ensuring it doesn’t negatively affect them in any way. Plus, babies might accidentally ingest or be exposed to these hair-care products, so they need to be made safe for babies as well.

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