Here is Why You Need To Get Acoustic Panels


In the chaos of our homes and the construction racket from outside along with the consistent traffic commotion, we barely get peace in our home. If anyone’s wondered what it is like to read a book in silence, soak in a tub filled with lavender as you enjoy that silence or cook while swaying your to your favorite music and not to your neighbor’s dog barking, may I tell you, it is absolute bliss. 

Silence often seems like a far-fetched dream in metropolitan cities. Disturbances are the norm and working with them is our specialty now. And with the pandemic, working from home and acoustic disturbances and discomfort in our home is the dreaded combination. But what if I tell you there is a way to live without the constant ruckuses and disturbances? 

The answer is simple. It lies in creating an environment in our home that supports your need for relaxation. It is about using the materials of your home paired with acoustic panels to create the optimal environment for enjoyment. One can never underestimate the importance of installing good acoustic wall panel malaysia in their homes. These installations are quite common in the workspace but work and offices are not the only places that need proper acoustics. Your lovely home deserves some

Impeccable Privacy For Your Home 

Having noise pollution in your home has a different vibe than having noise pollution in your office. It is not only about the constant electronic disturbances from your co-worker, but this is also about nasty arguments from your next-door neighbor, or a random birthday celebration that goes on for hours while you are trying to get your beauty sleep. It may be the next door construction work happening or sometimes, it’s even them talking to one another.  Privacy is important and should not be ignored while building your home. You do not need the echoes carrying your private conversations to outsiders. These are confidential and can be kept that way with the help of proper acoustic panels. 

Stay Entertained And Happy 

Sounds are clearer, conversations are carried easily and communication is off the top! Investing in acoustic panels can provide you space and the comfort to enjoy your home without any disturbances. This means watching a horror movie with no spooky interruptions. Or enjoying a beautiful book with some music in the background. Having noise pollution while you do activities that pertain to self-care can cause nothing but irritation and discomfort. So, for a happy life, maybe we need those beautiful acoustic panels? 

Improved Productivity 

Sometimes our home is not the best place for productivity. With constant bangs and commotions, people often see a dip in their productivity levels. With remote work becoming popular, it is important that we create an environment that promotes productivity at home. Having improved acoustics in our home means fewer nerves, better concentration, more focus and produce much better result-oriented work.

So what are we waiting for? Acoustic panels are easy to install and can effectively solve the noise pollution in our homes. Who is counting on a nice, comfortable bubble bath where our privacy is ensured and no noise is coming to disturb you?

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Why Students Should Consider Diploma Studies

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - October 23, 2020

It is safe to say that you are probably one of those people who putting diploma studies into consideration. What’s great about a certificate study is that you are compelled with regard to the courses you take. Often, a certificate study is just best for gifted courses like culinary expressions, airplane upkeep, etc. All things considered, you can likewise decide to take those courses that are intended for degree holders yet in a fundamental stage. It implies that you can’t utilize this immediately after you get the confirmation yet rather, you need to seek after for the subsequent stage which will be another number of years to handle. 

  • A confirmation course, for the individuals who are yet not comfortable about this, is under even to a college certificate understudy and truth be told, is considered as identical to an understudy of a degree course that is still in the principal year level. As referenced over, this worries more on industry-explicit aptitudes. This is often the decision of the individuals who need to acquire immediately or the individuals who intend to seek after a degree yet can’t support the expense. 
  • A certificate course concentrates more on preparing the understudies about hands-on aptitudes. Subsequently, this is best for individuals who figure they can’t generally handle the desk positions like they are not brought into the world with such kinds of minds. 
  • In the event that there are a few blocks for a degree course, you ought not effectively to get disillusioned. It isn’t the apocalypse as you can at present seek after your examinations. You can simply take a recognition course. It is safe to say that you are mindful of this. A recognition course will simply expect you to go through 2 to 3 years in school and you can begin working immediately. 
  • Then again, for guardians who are attempting to send their children to class, they can even now bolster them sending them to a confirmation school. What’s more, when the child is working, he would then be able to help himself could, in any case, take the course he needs to take. The accessibility of certificate courses is without a doubt a gift to two children who have issues considering various circumstances. Simultaneously, it is likewise an answer for guardians who are monetarily obliged. 
  • His fantasies won’t be altogether destroyed even with certain blocks. Through a recognition course, he can at present seek after the course he has as a main priority can even now become what he might want to turn into. Indeed, the legislature is giving an alternative to the individuals who don’t have the cerebrums or don’t have the way to seek after advanced education. To put it plainly, there will be a spot for everybody in this world. 

There are such many confirmation courses an understudy can look over. Simultaneously, there additionally observed numerous schools in Malaysia that offer such courses. You can discover a school that is offering confirmation courses and furthermore includes an online application. This should make the application procedure simpler for the understudies, so you should settle on a choice at this point. Culinary art could be an interesting course for your diploma.

If you’re planning to take up diploma studies, you should sambung belajar into achieving better and better grades. You should consider taking them online for there are many kursus yang ditawarkan di uitm.  Read a lot of interesting articles here.

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Is Online Gambling Worth The Money?

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - September 4, 2020

Ever since the advanced evolution of types of gambling over the decades and has been popularized ever since the 17th century.

Source : The Criminal Law Blog

The world of Gambling was like this as the 90s rolled in and the world was more and more computerised. In 1994, a corporation called Microgaming became the pioneers of online gambling, and is one of the largest casino game developers. Internet gambling occurred the moment the internet allowed internet setting up of the practice.

Within 5 years , the volume of gaming has peaked at more than $1 billion and it is now a multi-billion dollar business. The first live casinos that had dealers turned up in 2003, launched by the Playtech group. This process marked the beginning of cementing the connection between real world and virtual casinos.

It is safe to assume, however, that if you have never played online, you are missing out. Since the moment they first began appearing on the internet, online casinos became immediately popular and their success has only grown since.

Are you not sure what these advantages included are? Check out this list for further information. 

  1. Convenience

Convenience is probably one of the most attractive advantages of online casino gaming. This is an important feature of the increasingly paving world in which we work. You can access your favorite online casino game, and play on your desktop or mobile device for how long you want.

Some of us went to play and got irritated on the way because a lot of people smoked and were intoxicated. Besides that some people are very rude, which has made us uncomfortable, but now you can play without anyone being involved and disturbing your peace. 

2. Variety Of Games

Given the fact that many land based casinos are extremely large and deliver a great variety of games to play, they are still still constrained by scale. Some of the main online casino benefits, on the other hand, is that the range of games is bigger and greater than at any land based casino without a power limit.

Besides the classics, there are many more online casinos offering games which have been created using the latest technology.

What’s great about online casino games as well is that you have the ability to play for fun or free. This way, wherever and whenever you like you can try out free games or just pass the time.

Hence, if you want the absolute best of gaming experience, be sure to play casino online malaysia.

3. Deposit Options

While a land-based casino will allow only a small range of payment methods for players to purchase chips usually purchased with cash, an online casino would benefit from being able to accommodate a large array of payment options. 

That means players at online casinos can choose a safe deposit option they’re happy with. You can pick whatever option that you would like to that includes some of the popular choices like 

  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Neteller
  • E-wallets
  • Online Banking

While players at an online casino can not legally pay with cash, there are now several eVoucher programs that allow you to buy a cash payment voucher from a shop. 

Then you can use the voucher to make your electronic deposit at the Casino, keeping all the convenience and privacy you get with a cash purchase.

4. Loyalty Points

Loyalty points could benefit online casinos tremendously and be extremely useful because they reward players not for the amount they earn, but for their loyalty to that game. 

It ensures that you will still be earning reward points when you play at an online casino, even if you’re on a losing streak, that can later be used to purchase Casino credits or win prizes.

Hence why it is an advantage because, the more you play at a specific online casino, the more points you win, the more bonuses you get.

5. Global Access

With the rapid growth of the Internet in today’s time, everything you wish to seek is literally at the top of your fingers. 

The last benefit is that they give players the chance to play and compete with other players from around the world. It is a very fun and enjoyable way to get to know new people because you could.

For example, you could be up against playing poker against someone with a totally different context and culture rather than you own. You might even make a few new friends without ever having to spend a cent.

You can also read our article about great properties in Malaysia.

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How Easy Is Web Designing

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - September 4, 2020

The world is presently run with innovation, you can see it on your telephones, your workspace, or even industrial facilities and ranches that errands on delivering merchandise and enterprises. One of the most mainstream types of innovation is web-based social networking, it associates the whole world while the client is simply taking a gander at the screen. It associates us with your companion at work, school, or cherished one. Yet, there is one motivation behind why a few sites are extremely well known and have consistently an expansion in rush hour gridlock, that is the vibe of a site, it makes it engaging and satisfying to the eyes of the client, and that is the activity of the website specialist. 

Web planning is the craft of structuring wonderful sites that will be utilized monetarily, this activity is liable for what the site will resemble and what the client will respond to it. This activity is additionally answerable for why a few sites are well known today like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Youtube, and others. So as to turn into a website specialist, one must be masterful and has a decent eye on the format, hues, text styles, and so on utilized in working up your site. With this, here are the advantages on being a website specialist. 

1.You can work at an office our at your own home 

You can work in an office, where it’s the essential 9-5 day by day work in addition to an hour unpaid lunch. In any case, if you need to go solo, you can go outsourcing where you can address customers that issues your ability in making sites and they will pay after the activity is done and you have a great deal of opportunity on picking your season of work. 

2.You can work anyplace 

You can work at your home, at your standard workspace, at a close by coffeehouse, or at your neighborhood library. For whatever length of time that there is a solid web association and your supervisor permits it, your work will never be hindered, and your compensation rate will consistently be the equivalent. It isn’t important to work in your office where you need to sit, work, and trust that your check will show up. 

3.Many will discover you 

Numerous organizations will discover capable website specialists, for example, clinics, research offices, governments, schools, general product, tech administrations, style, development, individual video blogs, or any sort of industry. This makes your activity less repetitive and to a lesser degree an exhausting task. 

4.You can get criticisms 

Customers can send you criticism on the off chance that the site isn’t in their inclinations and you can later change it. Try not to stress that you don’t get some input, it implies that your site fits on your customer’s inclinations and an indication of an expansion of traffic on your customer’s site. Along these lines, this makes your activity very fulfilling and fulfilling. 

5.One must have information on programming 

If you feel that web structuring is simply hauling shapes and putting hues and names on them, well you are incorrect. One must examination the programming dialects like HTML,CSS, and JavaScript all together for the PC to comprehend the code you composed and later the PC will carry out the responsibility for you. That’s why it would be best for you to get the best tech service as well.  For more data, visit this website design Penang.

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Physiotherapy Can Make You Feel Young Again

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - August 5, 2020

Want To Look And Feel Younger?

Are you in the prime of your life already? If that is the case, I am pretty sure you already feel the effects of ageing. You must be longing for those times when you are still young, and you can do anything without having to worry about body pains the next day. 

Well, I tell you that it is not entirely impossible to feel young again. All you need to do is take part in the pilates Kuala Lumpur. Yes, you can find a facility in Kuala Lumpur that offers physiotherapy and Pilates methods that can help you regain your mobility and flexibility. They focus on your wellness so that after a number of sessions, you will start feeling like you are actually getting younger. 

Seek A Physiotherapist

All you need to do is talk to their physiotherapist so you will know if you really need their services. Pour out all your burdens regarding body pains like lower back pains and more so they will know how to deal with you, and they can deliver the solutions. And if by chance, they can’t help you like they think your problem is beyond their capability, you need not be worried as they will also refer you to their networks in which they think can help you the most. 

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After talking to them, they will physically assess you so they will really know where your problem is and at the same time, they can start planning for the solution. The thing is, they will not just promise you solutions. They will really work on it so that you will feel comfortable after the entire process.

So, do you feel burdened? Check them out now and start your road to feeling young again. You still have a long road to take and for sure, you don’t want body pains to be part of that journey. 

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The Most Affordable yet the Best Quality Tech Service in Malaysia

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - July 16, 2020

Choose The Best Quality Tech Service in Malaysia

With current crisis in hand, all of us must have learned how important the saying that goes, “save for rainy days” is. Even if you feel like we are almost at the finish line of such global crisis, it has definitely taught us a thing or two about saving and budgeting and somehow embodied a mindset of strictly essentials only.  But since the pandemic, work from home has become a thing and we may have aged a few years backwards but technology has become an every household essential, from laptops, desktops to smart TVs, smartphones and tablets or iPad. A good and stable internet connection is also needed as well since everything is done online, ranging from zoom meetings to online classes. Also, people has spent more hours online now that they have all the time from the lockdown from leisure scrolling to starting a vlog or blog and even online business. With this sudden surge of internet and tech usage, you may wonder which IT solutions and support service company is right for you that is within your budget yet maintains a high quality of such services. This is obviously an additional financial burden but given the current need for such essential, it is just as important to trust only the best and top of the line managed IT service provider where you can entrust your devices and any tech related needs.

You may encounter software problems especially when you are no tech genius and is just starting to come around zoom meetings and online working job. If you have kids at home and we just know how kids are, especially when they keep running around your work space at home and may have accidentally nudge the tablet or the macbook in the middle of work. You may be very well starting an online career or setting up your own website since circumstances have changed and now that you have the time you might as well make use of the time. For all of these troubles and many more involving technical issues, you can only rely on one tech support company, Alpha support.

Leading support solutions in Malaysia

Why Alpha support? Let me introduce the leading support solutions in Malaysia where you can only expect the best of service, prime quality products, great warranty deals, secured professional working relationship, top of the line skilled tech support professionals as well as high end and up to date program software. The company will guide from the beginning as in consultation in website creation, business advice on your future online business to trouble shooting of huge computer companies as well as large industrial plants with their advanced technological machineries, to simple queries and issues with your handheld smartphones. The online customer representative caters anytime anywhere for whenever your need arises.  Aside from all of the mentioned considerations, the company offers optimum quality of overall service at the most reasonable cost. You may check out the official website now for further queries,

Read also: Anugerah Inovasi JPNJ – Anugerah Kumpulan Inovasi & Kreatif (KIK) Sekolah

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Great Properties in Malaysia

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - June 14, 2020

Buying A Property In Malaysia

Others might think that now is not the best time to invest in real property and check the Bangsar south for sale, considering the very chaotic world. However, this is not for those who can’t afford but for those who have idle money or those who believe that our situation right now is just but temporary. Yes, this too will past and when that time comes, you might regret the missed opportunity of acquiring a property that is very low-priced! 

You’ll Be Spoilt For Choice

Yes, if you will check out the Subang Jaya house for sale today, you will surely find out that their prices are lowered. This is why, if you planned to get a property before all the chaos started, you should push through with that plan while the property prices are still low. Trust me, the prices will even soar higher than they used to be once the crisis will be over, so it is best to act now. 

The properties in Malaysia like the Kajang condo for sale are highly recommended and if you want to buy in a place where chaos is less, you can easily do so, considering that good properties in this country are not restricted in the centre only. In fact, you can say that even in remote areas, there are still great properties that are still good for business. There are people who also love to avoid the loudness of the city and are looking for a more peaceful place. This is why, you will find that in remote areas of Malaysia, they are still densely populated. You might even be surprised to discover that even in remote areas, the choices of properties are still in good numbers. So, whether you’re looking for a condo, a residential, apartment and so on, you will surely find it! 

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The world may be chaotic right now, but you can make this favourable at your end. You can still turn this into lemonade by procuring a property that is lower-priced. You might even have extra funds after the entire process! 

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Not Which Standards, but Whose Standards


A Famous Quote From Ted Sizer

I listened to Ted Sizer reply to a supporter of national standards at a meeting several years ago, “It’s not which standards, and it is whose standards!”

Who gets to sit at the table are representatives of all the conventional academic subjects. When have standards committees involved working artists, journalists, web designers, or doctors who might critique the effectiveness or inadequacy of traditional content standards? When have professors of bioethics, anthropology, or law been asked to critique content standards? Instead, the people who care most about their little corner of the traditional content world say that it is necessary.

When I did the training as part of a standards-writing project in a big eastern state, I cited the problem of arcane elements in the history standards, specifically mention of an unknown Chinese dynasty. A gentleman voiced out, “But that was my thesis topic, and it is essential for students to know!”

Here are some writing standards you should know about:

Having worked with three different states on their standards writing and revision method, I can say with certainty that the way we establish standards-based work at the state and national levels ruins it from the start. The committees indicate typical people with typical backgrounds in education, charged to tinker with, but not fundamentally overhaul, typical schooling; no criteria for choices are ever put forward to clear the document of pet topics. Briefly, these committees simply rearrange the furniture of the traditional core content areas; they imitate the past that they feel comfortable with rather than face the future that is on its bothersome but inevitable way.

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For proof of the dearth of forward-thinking, look at the Common Core math standards. The proposed high school mathematics is untouched from when I was a kid in prep school 45 years ago: four years of traditional topics in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. The only progress is more emphasis on modelling and statistics. But the setting out of the standards in isolated lists of content (as contradicted to recapping the kinds of performance standards student work must meet) weakens the probability of crucial change to make mathematics more likeable and useful to the majority of students.

Think about this depressing summary of a high school strand from the Common Core of the Trigonometric Functions which are as follows:

  • Expand the field of trigonometric functions using the unit circle.
  • Model periodic phenomena with trigonometric functions.
  • Establish and use trigonometric identities.

This is a standard. It nearly goes without saying, but in current myopia, it needs to be said that only a few people need to know this kind of things as it is rarely needed in the most basic jobs and still used seldom in complicated ones.

The point of all of this is that with the current global competition in the working world, and financial crisis never waning, the wisest thing the ministry of education has offered are compressed programmes focusing on the basic and practical areas of life, that is the diploma studies.

Jika anda sedang mencari kursus jangka pendek, anda boleh memohon di mana-mana kolej di Malaysia.

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What You Need to Consider When Getting a Property

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - November 8, 2019

Are you planning on buying a property soon?

Are you having hesitations or a hard time deciding which property to get? Well, no need for you to panic because we can help you with that.

Getting a property is quite a hassle and stressful. But, once you ’d have it, once you get to live in it, every stressful moment would be worth it. Everything you’ve hard for is finally paying off, and that property your buying is a symbol of it all. This is why, it is very important for you to get the right one, especially with the many benefits it brings. So, to help you that, here we have some tips that might be able to help you. Continue reading throughout the whole article to find out what these are. Check out Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Melati Utama, Vista Mutiara, Bandar Botanics.

* You need to make up your mind first whether to make a living out of it, or have it for yourself. It is very important because many decisions will depend on it. Just like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms the property should have. If you plan to live in that place temporarily, it is okay for you to get a two-bedroom property; in fact it’s more than enough. But if you plan to grow your family in that place, then you might to get something bigger than that. But, if you want to turn it into a business, have it rented by other people, build equity, then it does not really matter that much.

* If you plan to have such place for you own, then you need to figure out what kind of life you want to have when living in that place. It will help you determine the look of the property. If you want something homey, cozy and warm, then you should definitely go for wood and bricks features. It would make you feel warm. The bricks give it a rustic look which you’d surely enjoy. But if you’re more into high-end and luxury, then go for modern and futuristic design, where the power of technology can be seen. Such designs mostly involve glass, porcelain, and concrete. You need to make sure that your property fits the kind of lifestyle you plan to live in.

1451273886500 - What You Need to Consider When Getting a Property

* When you get to make up your mind on what kind of life you want to have, it will help you decide what community you it to be in. You want it to fit in to the kind of lifestyle you want. But, aside from that, you also need to consider your day to day life. It is important for you to do so to make things a lot easier and less hassle. You want to make sure that the location of the property you plan to buy is close to the place you work, the market you regularly go to, or your parents’ place. It would surely make things better than ever. So, you need to do some research first.

* Then, another thing to consider is everything about your property, even to the smallest details. You need to consider checking the wirings of the place you plan to buy. Wirings can be dangerous, it could cause fire at any time, so it need to be guaranteed that it’s safe and secure. Then, the next thing you need to check is the plumbing works. You don’t want to get stressed from encountering plumbing problems every now and then. Therefore it is important to guarantee that everything is done right. Then, you would have to check on the different materials the property is built with. It is also important to make sure that the materials used are high-quality to prevent it from deteriorating easily. You want your place to last for a long time. So you need to check these things up.

Those mentioned above, are just some of the things to consider when choosing and committing on a property. Those tips will help you get closer to the place that would fit you perfectly. So, make sure to follow those tips if you want to experience great benefits because buying a property will give you benefits. Now if you want to know what these are, here are some of them. Continue reading to find out!

* Getting a property of your own gives you the privacy you need. Do you ever find yourself getting constantly disturbed by your roommate? Well, with your own place, you don’t have to worry about that happening. You would have the place all to yourself. You get to decide everything. You get to do whatever you want. You can be in the bathroom as long as you want. You can eat in the living room without anyone scolding you or telling you to take your food back to the kitchen. You have the privacy to do anything you want. You can decide everything, because it is your own place.

* Then, getting your own property gives you pride of ownership. It is actually one of the main reasons why most people get their own properties. When you have one, you have the right to stand tall, because you worked hard for it. You have the right to do whatever you want. You have the right to paint whatever colors you want. You get to decide the different decorations that go into the certain parts of the property. You can have and do everything you want, because it is your place. You have that right.
If you don’t want it for yourself, or if you’re still not able to get the one you actually want, it’s still okay to get a property. Its because you can just turn it into a business. It can be your investment. You can make a living out of it by having other people rent it. The status of real-estate is like a cycle. It goes up and down every now and then. Currently, it’s down which makes it the best time for you get one for yourself. With that, you can have it rented first, and once it goes up, you can sell it at a higher price since a property’s value naturally goes up. It can build equity. Rest assured, it would get you closer to your dream house. Properties that you can check out here is the Desa Skudai Apartment, Apartment Ria, Pantai HillPark, Bayu Puteri 3 and Flora Damansara.

So those are just some of the benefits you will be getting once you have a place of your own. If you want to get more benefits, you need to find the right place for you. Just imagine living a life where you can be free as a butterfly. You can throw parties and have your friends over anytime you want. It can be out and go home whenever you want. You can be as crazy and not get judged. You can watch or listen to loud music whenever. There are just so many benefits you’d get once you have your own home. If you are looking into getting a property in Johor, you should check out johor project outlook. For example, Country Garden Central Park Phase 1, D’Lagoon, Taman Seri Austin, g Residence, Johor, R&F Princess Cove and Sakura Residence.

So, if you want to get a property but hesitating if it’s the right time, stop. There’s no right or wrong time in getting a property, because it’s a win-win situation in any way how. What are you still waiting for? Wake up and get the property of your dreams. Rest assured, you’d be happy with it.

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Perutusan Hari Guru 2012 Oleh KPPM

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - November 1, 2019

Perutusan Hari Guru 2012 Oleh KPPM

Apa yang anda perlu lakukan?

Pelbagai penambahbaikan yang telah diterima oleh golongan guru diharap dapat memberi suntikan semangat agar guru sentiasa bersedia menerima perubahan dan berani meneroka idea dan inovasi baharu, melaksanakan tugas dengan efektif, berdaya tahan, futuristik dan berfikiran aras tinggi. 

Guru juga berperanan membentuk murid agar berkemahiran menyelesaikan masalah, berkeupayaan mencipta peluang baharu, mempunyai daya tahan dan berkebolehan untuk berhadapan dengan persekitaran global yang dinamik. 

Di samping itu, selaku warga pendidik kepada pelajar, kita perlu melestarikan pembangunan profesionalisme keguruan melalui nilai tambah dalam aspek pengetahuan, kemahiran dan amalan profesional keguruan bagi menyokong usaha pelaksanaan transformasi pendidikan negara dan daerah di Malaysia.

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Siaran Web ‘Live Streaming’ Sambutan Perayaan Hari Guru Peringkat Daerah Segamat 2012

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - November 1, 2019

Persembahan utama lagu tema 'Guru Dedikasi Pendidikan Cemerlang'

Siaran Web ‘Live Streaming’ Sambutan Perayaan Hari Guru Peringkat Daerah Segamat 2012

Hari Guru kerana pada haribulan yang sama dalam tahun 1956 Majlis Undang-undang Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Federal Legislative Council) telah menerima cadangan-cadangan Laporan Jawatankuasa Pelajaran (Report of the Education Committee) sebagai Dasar Pelajaran bagi negara kita. Dokumen tersebut yang dikenali sebagai LAPORAN RAZAK (Razak Report) telah menjadi Dasar Pelajaran Kebangsaan semenjak hari itu.


  • Menitik beratkan peranan guru dalam pembinaan kebangsaan (termasuk perpaduan dan integrasi), pembangunan negara dan perkhidmatan kepada masyarakat.
  • Menarik perhatian ibu bapa, murid dan orang ramai kepada peranan penting kaum guru dalam masyarakat dalam daerah di Malaysia.
  • Memupuk perasaan perpaduan ikhtisas dan muhibbah di antara guru.
  • Meninggikan martabat dan taraf guru dalam masyarakat.
  • Memberi peluang untuk memajukan kecekapan guru melalui seminar-seminar, persidangan-persidangan, dan sebagainya yang diadakan pada Hari Guru.
  • Menilai secara objektif peranan guru dengan berlatarbelakangkan Malaysia dan mengambil langkah-langkah supaya peranan itu boleh berkesan.
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Pengesahan eGTukar

DARI MEJA PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH - Alicia Porter - November 1, 2019

Pengesahan eGTukar

Permohonan pertukaran guru melalui..

Sistem eGTUKAR 2020 akan dibuka bermula 18 Februari nanti.

Pertukaran ini akan dibuat secara berperingkat iaitu sesi Jun 2019 dan sesi Januari 2020 dengan sekali permohonan sahaja.

Permohonan boleh dibuat secara online melibatkan pertukaran antara bahagian / negeri, antara daerah dan dalam daerah.

Berikut apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang bagaimana untuk memohon pertukaran tempat mengajar di Malaysia.

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