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Best Network with TM Unifi Malaysia Net Service Now


Several other services can be hosted directly with an operator. We will first think of Internet sites for its customers but which belong to other people who pay the operator for this service. There is also another type of site; those of large services present in the “ cloud ” such as Netflix or online shopping websites which directly installs servers called “CDN” to bring what consumes a lot of bandwidth closer to the end customer. Go here if you would like to have a look at the service that offers the best plan now.

CDNs for Content Delivery Network are servers containing, for example in the case of Netflix, films and series. This allows both Netflix and the operator to offer a better service without having to have a large bandwidth at the global level of the Internet.

  • Site IX is the Netflix server somewhere in the world. AOCs are Netflix’s CDN servers in the operator network.
  • For all that is at the operator, the limitation will then be the own limitations of bandwidth of its network and of the servers it has. And in the case of a customer paying for hosting at home, the bandwidth allocated to this customer.

Operator customer

There is another type of resource that of a client connected to the same operator as you. Thus, a company X to which you wish to have access may very well be connected to the internet via an internet connection that it has subscribed to through your operator. The bandwidth limitation will then be the same as those developed in the point between you and the operator but also on the resources available at the level of the servers of company X.


A company will tend to have several connections and potentially also with several operators. It may very well be that you do not suffer from any problem when your neighbour at another operator cannot reach company X. This does not necessarily mean that it is the other operator involved but it can also very well be the connection between company X and the other operator or in any case the resources made available to the other operator.

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